Our Aims.

Medanaid is a registered Charity in England No. 1138609

The outline Aims of the Association are:

  1. The relief of sickness, preservation of health and the promotion of good health in particular but not exclusively by providing or assisting in the provision of grants, finance, resources and support to charities or organisations, agencies or individuals to achieve these objects
  2. To further such other purposes as are exclusively charitable according to the laws of England and Wales as the trustees in their discretion determine in particular by the provision of grants or finance

The Charity’s Objects.

Description of Purpose “The advancement of health or the saving of lives” Provision of our services will, where possible, be to all and any part of the world.

The supply of ancillary equipment and people to assist in providing health care for example:

  • Provision of ancillary medical and non-medical supplies in support of relief efforts and mission efforts, such as provision of Emergency Deployment Radio Equipment Sets, these to be used in any theatre of the world.
  • Provision of emergency relief in both national and international situations.
  • Provision of medical, dental etc equipment to deprived areas of the world.
  • Provision of funds to train the staff of the charity in any area that is relevant to the running of the charity or in the provision of services to the beneficiaries; examples would be book keeping to run the charities accounts, first aid for both the charity (Health & Safety) and the beneficiaries or languages for use in the field of operations e.g. Honduras = Spanish.
  • Providing funds assistance to other charities with like minded aims – including non-UK charities such as the ‘International Health Service of Minneapolis’, which provides medical assistance to Central American areas such as Honduras.
  • Assistance with Air Fares and expenses for volunteers to go to areas where their services have been requested by local aid services and organisations.
  • Further example would be the purchase and supply of radio equipment for RAYNET (The Radio Amateurs Emergency Network) which is a charity that supports the UK user services (Police, Fire, Ambulance, St John and Red Cross).